magic tricks glisten with
wishing on faraway dreams
dancing with angels
of reality
singing songs of redemption
for only the deaf to hear
blind because of the truth
there is no such wisdom
in this realm of
salvation comes in
secret slices
whispers, slate grey
tinged with frost
slipping under cracks,
flaking off, hard edges
bitter choking, swallowing pieces
with vinegar spit
surrender so sweet,
muted screams
Heavens corridor
soulless camaraderie,
council of kings,
eyes wander like
stars shifting
in space
cannonball of emotion,
carelessly taking hold of a
damaged heart
decadent disaster, fumbling forward
falling back,
grasping at life
trust no one
sinless deeds
deranged manifestations of
stunted desire
can you willfully deny sinking your
rotten teeth into my soul?
never play with celestial beings
without anticipating
the burn

Photo Credit: quinet Flickr via Compfight cc

Julie Anderson

Julie Anderson is the Creator and Publisher of Feminine Collective. Julie was inspired to create this safe place for women to share their secrets, desires, triumphs and pain as the antithesis of what mainstream media offers women today. In her column Pursuit of Perfection, she explores the importance of rectifying the balance of inner and outer beauty through essays, poems and articles on self-esteem, shame, family, and self- acceptance.

  1. Julie Anderson


    Thank you. You are also so very kind to me and my words. Profound? You think? For me its more like the ranting and raving of a lunatic. At least I am no longer hiding it!

    Oh and by the way — THANK YOU for the lovely THANK YOU card that you sent me. I will cherish it forever.

    xoxo j

  2. Julie Anderson

    You are always so kind to me and my words. I appreciate you!! Speedball – is what my mind has been like for the last month +. So very bizarre. Glad that I am not the only one!

  3. Susan P. Blevins

    Wow Julie! Deep, no holds barred YOU…I resonated with every word, and yes, especially the sinking of rotten teeth into the soul…Caustic words darling! Brava!
    xoxoxo always!

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