Sunflowers and Sticky Tape (some years ago)

We built a house out of a dream
10 minutes turned into a life of sunflowers
and wooden porches
and Etta James
and Ella Fitzgerald
and thrift stores with old record players
and bread makers
and a light bulb on a string over the kitchen sink
and a couple in Sante Fe
and their gallery
and an old book of pictures of Texas from 1961 or was it 1959?
and a white Cadillac convertible with burgundy leather interior torn from age
and a steering wheel with sticky tape
and a motel with purple lights
and cactus in the desert
and a white bathing suit
and a black and white TV
and the same movie playing over and over
and Tequila with a worm
and the sunrise on the dunes in the desert
and the dark and the yellow line in the road
and the fork up ahead
and it’s all in my mind
and my heart
and I did care
It was a lovely dream
I saw you today and paused short of breath
We had drifted away and apart
I wish you all your dreams of wooden houses
and dunes
and beaches
and bandanas
and cutoffs
and Hanes v neck t-shirts
and flip flops
and all
Take care and I do care
It was real for me
For a moment
and it was so nice to dream

Photo Credit: H o l l y. via Compfight cc

  1. Thank you, Kitt.

    The fork in the road has become a corkscrew… 🙂 but I am going to try leading with the heart.
    Sounds like a plan, although it has gotten me in trouble more than a few times.


  2. Thank you, Sherri for your spot on comment.
    Dreams shift and grow, and sometimes we lose sight of reality.
    I would love to have you follow me around for days and days, just to hear your giggle.
    The words, who knows where they come from. The past, future and hopefully the present.

    Your sweet, creative soul continues to inspire new dreams.

  3. What a beautiful dream. I could feel it, have felt that, and then it turned into something completely different. Jackie your way with words always touches me. Someday I am going to follow you around for days and days, just hoping a little of your brilliance will rub off on me. Until then, I will just keep reading and being amazed by you my friend.

  4. Oh, ouch Dori – just happened? I hope you know you are the prize, and the most precious. Only time and distance, give us some perspective. Thank you for reading this, your lovely comment and great big heart. Keep on dreaming…
    Love you, lady.


  5. Nicole,

    Thank you, Nicole. I am in awe of all your beautiful words, and the body of work you’ve accomplished.
    Keep going, and I wish you all your dreams of…
    Sometimes the gypsy heart hurts, and eventually heals.

    Xx Jackie

  6. Jackie – this is so beautiful and it kicked my heart a little bit. “I wish you all your dreams of…” really beautiful. I love everything you write, but this really hit hard. Gorgeous.

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