C. Streetlights

Viper by @CStreetlights


Small, eyes narrowing, tracking your prey with feigned friendship — I know who you are, with your erratic charge (manipulation...

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when joy is trapped in forced levity: a beat poem

so there they are now, floating vexation on curled ribbon, meant to brighten on any occasion only to darken every mother’s despotism....

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Walking With Whitman

There was a Child went forth every day: And the first object [she] look’d upon, that object [she] became: And that object became part...

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Playing For Keepsies

I think, (perhaps) it was when you played my heart as yet another marble in a circle. Lining your shooter, you knuckled down – carelessly...

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Chaotic Inspiration

A photograph, miraculously taken of a star’s birth, taken just when that star ripped itself from absolute chaos (near the constellation...

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Drip Down

Come closer and remember the time (in bizarre supplication) I kneeled naked in the shower. Water steaming around me loudly Water rushing...

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