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What if Introverts are Just Bullshit Intolerant?

What if Introverts are Just Bullshit Intolerant?

According to society, I’m a textbook introvert. I love people, but I recharge when I spend time alone. I absolutely need ‘me’ time, to the point where I have to force myself to schedule time into my week to socialize otherwise…

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Denise Mills

Denise resides in Millthorpe NSW; a small town 20 mins away from the wine-guzzling, foody town of Orange, with her inarguably awesome teenage son. She is an imperfectionist, life enthusiast, reformed Chartered Accountant, and NLP Practitioner. Denise enjoys writing about life, imperfection, relationships and personal growth. She’s a contributor for Huffington Post, and her articles have featured in Elephant Journal, Indie Chicks, YFS Magazine and more. Other important facts of note: Denise is a UFC fanatic, does a breathtaking rendition of Old McDonald in Japanese, has huge triceps and can sing the alphabet backwards, really, really fast.