What if Introverts are Just Bullshit Intolerant?

According to society, I’m a textbook introvert. I love people, but I recharge when I spend time alone. I absolutely need ‘me’ time, to the point where I have to force myself to schedule time into my week to socialize otherwise it just won’t happen.

And it’s not that I don’t like people. I love them!

I love people whose eyes light up when they talk about something that excites them. People who openly talk about their flaws and vulnerabilities. People who ponder strange things like the personality traits of the number 5 (number 5 is an asshole, by the way).

What if introverts aren’t at all the socially inept creatures that society perceives us to be, but rather we’re just intolerant to bullshit?

Bullshit, as I define it, consists of both inane chit-chat and pretentious crap. The latter being worse than the former because at least chit-chat is for a purpose of attempting to get to know someone. Pretentiousness is purely trying to boost one’s ego.

And there’s quite a lot of ego out there. People who think that it’s all about being seen with the socially elite, having the best career, the smartest kids, the most money, the biggest toys. It’s draining because it’s bullshit.

I need to remind myself that it’s not my issue—they are free to waste their lives in their pretentious little bubble if they so choose. But hiding beneath the façade is a beautiful person that will die without ever being seen.
And for what purpose?

Maybe, introverts actually love people more than extroverts do. Maybe we just see through the bullshit and need a little space from it. Maybe we grieve for the people we have met but will never get to see.

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Denise Mills

Denise resides in Millthorpe NSW; a small town 20 mins away from the wine-guzzling, foody town of Orange, with her inarguably awesome teenage son. She is an imperfectionist, life enthusiast, reformed Chartered Accountant, and NLP Practitioner. Denise enjoys writing about life, imperfection, relationships and personal growth. She’s a contributor for Huffington Post, and her articles have featured in Elephant Journal, Indie Chicks, YFS Magazine and more. Other important facts of note: Denise is a UFC fanatic, does a breathtaking rendition of Old McDonald in Japanese, has huge triceps and can sing the alphabet backwards, really, really fast.

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    Sarah, I think the trend is to write about both introversion and extroversion. The thing is many writers are introverts. I also wrote an article about being an introvert and most of my friends would probably not consider me an introvert. From my research, perhaps the latest research, which has spawned all these articles, it’s not so much about avoiding people or having an excuse for cliques, it’s more about whether you feel drained at the end of a social night or you feel energized. For some people, socializing and talking drains them. For others, it energizes them. From what I’ve read, extroverts feed/thrive off the energy of others. Speaking as an introvert, I could stay in my house for weeks and never see anyone and be okay with that. But, I love going out. However, I find myself avoiding too many commitments, not because I’m hoping for a better offer, but because I’m not sure how I will feel. If I will feel the need to regenerate on my own, in my house with my immediate family OR if I will have enough stored energy to go out and be social. Because, if I’m not going to be social then what would be the point of going out. Certainly not to stand in the corner and avoid people and act like what people think introverts act like. Just a thought.

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    Just sharing my thoughts Sarah, you don’t have to like them. I struggle with networking etc, but I love people. I write to reconcile my thoughts.


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    The most extrovert people I have ever met have recently described themselves as introverts. Is it the new fashion! You see it all over the Internet and on blogs such as these and in real life . True introverts don’t continually post inane comments about their true introvert character. I like to think of these. Is it a excuse for not talking to people who make you feel uncomfortable. Or are you actually an irritable extrovert who enjoys the power of cliques?

  4. Jacqueline Cioffa

    Hi Denise,

    As a fellow introvert who loves her space, and sometimes the company of some people I agree wholeheartedly. I can relate except for the number 5 reference, I do not find it an asshole at all. 🙂
    Look forward to reading your work.

    X Jackie

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