My Mother’s Heart

I remember my fascination as a young girl of six or seven, laying on my parent’s king size bed watching my mother comb out her long, light brown hair. My mother was always different than all the other moms. Sure, she was sweet, made cookies and drove us to the mall. But her life is […]

About Erin Righetti

Erin Righetti is a professional writer across multiple media channels. She has over 20 years experience as a freelance writer/reporter, and has been a contributor to newspapers and online magazines and blogs. Erin works as a public relations and social media strategist in Carlsbad, California.

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Tracey Emin’s Neon Lights

Creative expression is in my blood. My grandmother and great-grandmother on my mother’s side, love to paint and write. My father is a photographer, his family tree is dotted with many creators of art, not only with the lens, but they are also incredible crafters creating many beautiful things out of bits—n—pieces found along the way. […]

About Eloise Empson

World traveling, alternative teen. Lover of underground music and art. Wannabe Harajuku princess. Artist and photographer. Fashionista with an insatiable appetite for thrift store finds.

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Discover the Magic of Your Life

Perla Batalla, a backup singer for Leonard Cohen for many years, was in concert in Los Angeles recently. In her second act she shared the story of the time Mr. Cohen asked her to sing one of his biggest hits, Bird On A Wire at a party. She demurred—panicked, actually—and said she could sing backup […]

About Michael Kane

Michael Kane’s second career as a life consultant began in the early nineties after spending the previous twenty years as a professional dancer, choreographer and master teacher in New York. In his Los Angeles-based practice he helps both individuals and couples gain personal and professional clarity, increase their connection to themselves and the people they care about, communicate honestly, and unwrap who they truly are. Known for his seamless blending of the pragmatic and the spiritual, Michael’s central theme in his work is love. He believes that while loving others is deeply important, self-love is integral to our ability to live a compassionate, vibrant and fulfilling life. In addition to writing two blogs, Michael has also authored Heal Your Broken Heart—a book about love, healing and letting go—which was a finalist in the 2012 International Book Awards.

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