Tracey Emin’s Neon Lights

Creative expression is in my blood. My grandmother and great-grandmother on my mother’s side, love to paint and write. My father is a photographer, his family tree is dotted with many creators of art, not only with the lens, but they are also incredible crafters creating many beautiful things out of bits—n—pieces found along the way.

A true artist’s life is one of fantastical myth. I am an artist. Taking pictures, painting, making collages and drawing, I look for inspiration all around me.  Traveling around the world my whole life I have been exposed to so many cultures that, honestly, I am pretty broad-minded, if not a bit snobbish regarding my preferences.  Yes, I am a teenager, but I know style, and can see talent where a lot of my peers can not.

Tracey Emin the multifaceted artist stands out for me. She is my favorite contemporary artist. Maybe its because she is raw and bold. Avant-garde and extreme, her work screams “fuck you” to the masses then reels you in to see the subtle beauty of this so called life.

mybed-tracyeminHailing from England, she is one of a group of artists known as Britartists.  She has won numerous prizes and accolades. One of her most outrageous installations, “My Bed“, set the art world on fire when she installed her own bed, unmade and strewn with used condoms, cigarette butts and blood stains at an exhibit.




I was able to see her latest work recently entitled “the neon art pieces” at MOCA in Miami. In this installation, Tracey Emin shared her feeling on love and its inner workings with the world. Inspiring, to say the least.

Controversial, influential and brave, Tracey Emin is an artist to watch, in my opinion. Using many different methods to communicate her message, she has inspired me to push myself out of my comfort zone.  All in the name of art.

Eloise Empson

World traveling, alternative teen. Lover of underground music and art. Wannabe Harajuku princess. Artist and photographer. Fashionista with an insatiable appetite for thrift store finds.

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