Press Start

I don’t remember fighting over first player. I remember needing more controllers, quicker reflexes, a softer excitement /thicker walls (whichever lets mom sleep). You remember most of the combos, cheat codes, and having to hide in the bathroom (the only door with a lock). I try to be a good man. It’s arguable if I’m […]

About James Wolf

James Wolf is an aspiring teacher from Maryland’s eastern shore. He works as an assistant in a Pre-K classroom, using the quiet of naptime as an excuse to write things in the dark. His work has been featured in GFT Presents: One in Four, Sixfold, and Gyroscope Review, and is forthcoming in Vine Leaves Literary Journal.

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The Murder of Ashley Smith: Was it Negligent Homicide?

As a Canadian, I have always been extremely proud of the fact that we don’t have capital punishment. Our institutions feed their inmates correctly and have a decent reputation. I cringe at the idea of the tent city jail in Arizona, where Sheriff Arpaio prides himself on keeping inmates in outdoor tents with hardly any […]

About Lise LaSalle

"In the pursuit of justice, due process and fairness ought to be valued." My name is Lise Lasalle and I live in beautiful British Columbia. As an experienced Court and Legislative Interpreter, I know the importance of always questioning facts and especially the news. To analyze a case, you have to remain objective and fight any type of bias or emotions towards the people involved. It is about evidence and a search for the truth. But we all know that facts are often interpreted according to the result aimed at by the prosecution or the defence. The emotional aspect of a case has to be reserved for the human treatment of inmates and their rehabilitation. Restorative Justice should be at the forefront of any judiciary and penal systems. Cases exist of dangerous offenders representing a permanent threat to society and who will never be rehabilitated. But it remains important to preserve the integrity of their incarceration. Punishment often becomes a disguise for revenge. During my activities as a prison volunteer, I realized that criminals are not always on the right side of the bars. When she system and the media combine their efforts to entrap someone, it takes gigantic efforts to repair or remedy a wrongful conviction. I am totally against the death penalty and any type of prolonged solitary confinement except in cases of extremely dangerous offenders. Punishment is not for revenge, but to lessen crime and reform the criminal – Elizabeth Fry

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I Want to Be Like That

I remember being a kid, trailing behind my mom at the mall. A pack of teenage girls breezed by us with their perfect hair, smudged black eyes, laughing like every word in the English language was funny. Twelve-year old me sporting knotted hair, a wrinkled shirt, with teeth coming in crookedly, thought to herself, “I […]

About Tennessee Hill

Tennessee Hill is a sophomore at Stephen F. Austin State University working toward her BFA in Creative Writing. She has been featured in Elke Journal, Kaaterskill Basin, and HUMID. She is also a featured contributor on Teen Collective (, Feminine Collective's blog written by teens for teens.

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I Hacked into My Teenager’s Facebook Account

After reading this story, you may think I’m the worst parent ever or you may think that I’m the best parent ever. Nevertheless, I proudly claim both titles because I earned them: Without her knowledge, I hacked into my teenager’s Facebook account.  I willingly peered into every hidden corner of her life, and she doesn’t know that I did it. Why […]

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