The Fight

I am torn between my head and my heart
In my head, the right choice is to remain
To go on, unsatisfied and unhappy
Living in a world where acceptance means too much
Love meaning nothing if it is not a perfect picture.

Being too scared, feeling trapped and too needy
My heart screams, “let us be”
Truly filling myself with sadness, hoping and dreaming
Tomorrow will be better, I grin and bear it.

You were once so beautiful and what we had mattered
Now it is just a vision of the past
Heartfelt conversations that lasted for hours
And the way your hand felt in mine
So secure, never lonely, smiling inside.

So picturesque on the outside, turmoil within
Feeling fake for staying, unworthy in my mind
I need what is wrong; leaving what may be right behind
Calling you, I whisper “It will be okay.”

“NYC Subway 2017” by Mussi Katz is licensed under CC PDM 1.0

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