You’re so much better than
The words echoing in your mind.
Those lies were put there long
Before you had a say in the matter.
Trust me, love, scatter those words
To the sky.
Just let them go.
Let them escape to the void,
And embrace the truth that is you.


“Star Trails” by Andreas Johlander is licensed under CC PDM 1.0

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K. A. Truax

Kat was born in the US and has traveled throughout the world. Trained from childhood in the art of dance, she developed a passion for self expression not only through dance but also through writing and photography. Following college, she began her career in healthcare where she gained priceless insight through the lives of those that she had the privilege to serve. However, like the moon pulling the tides, her true calling led her home again to words. A born story teller, Kat began writing poetry and prose at the tender age of ten. She began sharing her words publicly in 2016. Kat's poetry and prose has been published in the Spillwords Press, a home for those who live and breathe words. Her first book of poetry, "Midnight Echoes: Elements of Love" was released in February 2018.

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