Things to Tell My Daughter

Be a witch.

Oppose everything
you see, read and hear
strummed up as fact
and scavenge for truth.

Be a witch.

Protect your mind
and your body. Resist
those who destroy what
they fail to

Be a witch.

Embrace your
inner goddess, possess
her shamelessly.
Be brave and bold.
Your femininity is your
shield and sword.
Let them try and
cast you out.

Be a witch.

Rise from the ashes
of your predecessors.
Evolve into mermaids.
Always remember
you’re the goddess
of the earth.
Life bringer.
Life giver.

Be a witch.

Learn and speak
scandalous tongues.
Resuscitate, revitalize, reinvigorate
the culture of witches and build
our tomes of magic
to pass down
to your daughter
and to hers and to hers and to hers.

Be a witch.
Be. A witch.
Be. A. Witch.

Photo Credit: fabola Flickr via Compfight cc


Lidy Wilks

Lidy Wilks is the author of the poetry chapbook "Can You Catch My Flow?" Another chapbook and a full length poetry collection is in the works. Poetry is not the only genre she writes in, currently she writing a contemporary romance and a young adult supernatural novel. She's a member of Write by the Rails. And lives in Virginia with her husband and two children When Lidy Wilks is not writing, she refills her creative well and binges on the storytelling of anime. Books, manga and Asian dramas. And relaxes by listening to good music. Eating milk chocolate candies. And or with a glass of Cabernet or Riesling wine. You can visit her at:

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