Sunglass Hut

I wear my sunglasses when I step outside so no one will be able to tell I am high, the red railway map of my eyes guides the way; Vivid scenery, colored lenses help my sensitive eyes not to fry from sun rays throwing shade around ears to hear to listen to speakers bare their souls –

I’m as white as white gets, I get a sunburn when speaking of the sun;
yet orbital indifference spins planet earth counter-cultural reality with needle tracks mark the veins of addicted souls, once a middle-class reality lost sitting in front of a flat panel screen as politicians scream the recession is over and over and over… the best part of being high is never coming down to feel the crash to the ground –

Interstellar travel soon to be a possibility as implant scans become part of human reality to track paths diverting sustainable energy to another planet the repeat denials turn into axis-spinning idiom saying future slogans for tomorrow while tides of lies wash whales upon the beaches polluted by man-made materials clogging digestive tracks –

All the same, channels surfing within the airwaves of morally questionable political behavior a tyrant to the world hate speech making history in a rewind repeat of silicon inertia patterns carved through a tech valley crumbling from the weight of the rocky cliffs; Ostentatious glares lies undone through written words verse enlighten awake-minds flow verbal cues in back pool rooms to corporate cubical huts built for the human processing of dollar signs being inadequately paid for personal time spent in the game of servitude –

Wealthy, white privilege rules the lands, rapist dogs housed on university lands pants drop to the sickness of patriarchal society certifiable demon-possessed images of human beings fill streets with fearful solitude; Land mass growth disenfranchises parcels of once united spaces the right to demonstrate peacefully begins only then-


Photo Credit: Claricethebakergardener Flickr via Compfight cc

Valerie Vaughn

Valerie Vaughn is a poet, writer, and author. A native of central Pennsylvania, she received her Bachelor's of Arts in History from Mary Baldwin College. She is a contributor to Poets Unlimited, Crossing Genres, and Extra Newsfeed at Medium. Her works appear in narratorINTERNATIONAL Anthologies Volumes 2 and 3, where she is an Editor's Pick Recipient.

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