Golden Years Heartache

The old man really loved his woman,

clutching his arthritic hand

around a curved cane

confused without his love,

lost without her.


Mind decay,

mixed with golden years heartache

the love of his life tries to fade away,

yet her lasting memory remains.


I cry like a baby

sitting on the edge of my bed

remembering the day,

the old man insisting his love

will always stay, his wife

in the light of immortal decay.


Left to wonder

why his one true love did not stay,

why she went away,

he tries to find her

once again,

on this very day

in search of golden years love.


His voice loud and full of love

he cries out,

“I haven’t lost her a day in over 50 years,

and I will be damned if I lose her on this day!”

Photo Credit: mildiou2 Flickr via Compfight cc

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