Political Peace No.1

Scared lands form trenches in tear-laden lands
Christian values lack virtue, envelop the lands
on black backs the crack of many masters whips,
flip in his deeds –

Current pipeline scars
crisis-cross ancient burial lands
water cannon mayhem
launching icicles spears –

The war is on our shores
in between our borders
everyone proclaiming to be higher than the other
both on shaky moral high-grounds –

Guided missiles, hair-trigger fingers
fear at the fun of misguided men,
as they march sons and daughters off to become war-torn souls –

Alive in a gilded age of silver-tongued wordsmiths
well-versed in hypocrisy and greed,
our deaths before sunset transverse transsexual hurt
as bathroom matters politicize intolerant jerks –
Airwaves rant, present alternative facts
notwithstanding actual facts –

Self-loathing guards the only door to the outside world,
self-inflicted, pity wounds devalue curiosity
as emotional scars pattern
bow ties weaved from
carefully constructed lies.

A house made from cards
folds under the weight
too many jokers
bent by destructive greed
as envy erodes a weakening base.

Photo Credit: Wonder woman0731 Flickr via Compfight cc

Valerie Vaughn

About Valerie Vaughn

Valerie Vaughn is a poet, writer, and author. A native of central Pennsylvania, she received her Bachelor's of Arts in History from Mary Baldwin College. She is a contributor to Poets Unlimited, Crossing Genres, and Extra Newsfeed at Medium. Her works appear in narratorINTERNATIONAL Anthologies Volumes 2 and 3, where she is an Editor's Pick Recipient.

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    Valerie Vaughn

    You’re welcome, Shareen. Thank you for the recognition.

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    Shareen Mansfield

    Really great read.Thanks for share your voice with the rest of us.

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