Political Peace No. 2

Within a country once so proud,
respect and morals have fallen to the ground.
Wayward children runaround,
their lack of respect the new age playground.
Once upon a time, sounds like the beginning of a children’s nursery rhyme,
so I will spare you of your time,
to forget again
no thickness of skin
so offended within
no longer any understanding of the in-between.

Sides picked,
rational reason tossed aside like an unread book full of life.
The strife of daily life consumes us all
kills our yearning souls,
we’ve become molds of subservient beings,
we forgot the real meaning of being
at play in the field of life.
Its unfair advantage, we all still creep by.
Stagnant pageant questions leave disbelief
while the glistening of life’s dimming light brow-beats down
the only savior is a confidence in stride to set a soul free.

The motion of survival propels one down the street of semi-broken dreams.
A glean from the above street lights glistens upon darkness flight to
walk towards what is right.
Truth, and then decency, shall prevail;
differences struggle, cast wayside of ego and pride.
All once felt lost
now forefront,
we must confront the hate-filled demons which reside,
the weakness of a soul life.

Photo Credit: chetbox Flickr via Compfight cc

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