Unexplained Presence

You say what you need to say
You do what’s expected
Yet there’s this presence I can’t escape

You touch like you’re supposed to
You love like requested
Yet move like you’re caged

You beg me to stay,
you plead for me to trust.
Yet, I see a shadow lurking, surrounding us.

I gave you what you wanted,
I let you in.
I bared my brokenness,
I surrendered my heart.

Now you have it, holding it in your hand,
it’s barely beating,
as I wait in anguish for you to drop it in the dirt.
Bury it back in the forest,
claiming you never sought it.

What is this presence creeping between us?
Is it my own mistakes haunting me,
or is it yours moving in gradually?

Whatever it may be,
it feels like it’s here to stay,
to destroy,
to kill.

What to do, as the panic ascends inside?
Do I bow out gracefully?
Or do I die a slow death?

Maybe I get to wake up and it was nothing but an awful dream.

Photo Credit: ** RCB ** Flickr via Compfight cc

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