Thompson Ferrier: Fragrance, Fashion and Your Home

I stumbled upon Thompson Ferrier candles at the Javits Center a couple of years ago and immediately fell in love with their Tuberose scent. Fast forward to January 2016 and I see their booth again at the Javits, and asked about the Tuberose candle. It no longer exists. I was crushed.

What ensued was a conversation with Raffi, the co-owner of Thompson Ferrier, that tickled my curiosity bone enough to write about his passionate concept of candles and fashion. The idea is to mix them in a dance to create an olfactory memory that can stir and soothe the senses. This concept derived from Raffi and his co-owner wife, Pauline. Wow, I thought, I never looked at candles like that.

They believe that candles do not have to be tucked in a corner barely seen, as so many of us have done. They show them proudly in the many categories of color and designs that are now part of their collection.

The candle collections do change however, just like fashion. Raffi and Pauline like the idea of candles as an accessory in your home, and that it is something they want to help make you feel good about at the end of your day.

A Bit of History

Let’s look at Raffi’s history for a minute. His father owned a distributing company of fragrances that kept Raffi always surrounded with an array of beautiful aromas. He got used to fine scents. This would prove invaluable to his future.

Raffi became an award-winning real estate developer. He and his beautiful wife, Pauline Dana, started staging homes. They thought of adding scented candles to the apartments they were staging, and it began to have a positive reaction each time they did so. It was not just a random choice either, they would be specific about what types of scents they would want if they were preparing an apartment to appeal to a woman, a man or a family. This, in turn had them thinking about the focus of fragrance in the home and it’s presence.

They created twelve scents after choosing from thousands and what would be the fantasy of fragrance in the home that would appeal to each customer. They understood that the fragrance would connect to a moment.

The Candle Biz

Raffi’s love affair of fragrance and making it seasonally right was now coming into play with the company that he and Pauline started in 2011 called Thompson Ferrier.

There are 270 designs with a total of 75 fragrances. They have a love of the presence of a candle in the home and an understanding of fashion and how they can relate to each other. You can choose the style that best expresses yourself. Incredible.

The company is New York City based and they produce everything themselves. Their team spends the time to search out what is going on in the fashion world, social media and trends, not just fragrance. They are interested in the marriage of fragrance with season, color and defining a space.


The quality, designs and the customer are the motivation in this fashion forward thinking company. Their designer, Jackie Bradley works at the candle not being hidden in the room but relevant to the room.

I don’t know about you, but I have often bought a scented candle and then looked for where to put it in my room so it would not stand out and be intrusive in any way.

Thompson Ferrier single-handedly is changing that idea of hiding your candles in the home. You may find joy with them out, open, and happy to dance in your home.

The Aroma is Part of the Experience

I love this statement. Raffi said this to me after our meeting was coming to a close. He is so right. It’s like a song, you remember the where and when you first heard it. A fragrance is like that and brings up certain feelings. The good feelings are what we all want. Adding a scent to your home will only make you feel better and wrap you in the warmth of comfort.

Try Thompson Ferrier candles and make them the star accents in your home.

Photo Credit: Nadia Szopinska via Compfight cc

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