Trump will Bankrupt the Angry White Man’s America

During the Republican primaries, Angry White Men flocked to Trump’s side with Viagra-like energy.

He found his compadres, who just like him are angry, resentful, and want to bully America back into its grand ol’ greatness.

Who is The Angry White Man?

He is the prideful offspring of a gold plated generation that heroically saved the world twice.
He worships a patriotic father that came back to America a hero.
He admires the Great American savior but conveniently forgets that the world learned little from the dehumanizing experience of killing everybody everywhere.

Wars to restore world peace, yes!
Two, three, four wars fought bravely to keep America at peace.

When World War II was over, America was ‘great again’ in the eyes of the world, but it was not great for everybody back home. Wives and daughters were kicked out of the factories and sent home.

After World War II, the white man’s America was great. He had many reasons to be happy, proud, and self-righteously powerful. America’s greatness wasn’t a shared commodity.

Today, the Angry White Man has rallied behind Trump because he believes the spoon-fed business speculator is one of them. Like Trump, who in the vulgar language of times past, echoes the egotistic ideals of their America, he is aging with speed, getting angrier and more resentful with every whining breath.

He longed for the America that kept wives and daughters in the kitchen.
Where they belong, nasty women.
He is nostalgic, for the days of segregation, keeping people of color at the back of the bus.
Where they belong, lazy Blacks.
He protests tirelessly to keep Mexicans in the hot fields, out of the voting booth, behind a wall.
Where they belong, bad hombre.

Fortunately, the world belongs to everybody, and his white world isn’t as ideologically bleached as it used to be, as he wishes it were.

And in this current reality, this irregular election cycle, the Angry White Man isn’t as strong and powerful as he assumed.
He is pale and thin skinned from cigarettes, high blood pressure, and jaw clenching (if not butt clenching) habits.
He is red from alcohol, meat, and pent up emotions.
He is sick, sad, slow and on Medicare.
He is struggling to stay alive.
Part of him knows he is a dying breed.
His last remaining strength is to hate the government that gave a fair chance to everybody, including himself.

He hates the government and conveniently ignores the fact that he is the primary benefactor of governmental programs like; Medicare, pensions, paid leave, vacations, retirement, etc.

He whines:
“In my day, before the Democrats took over our liberties and our guns, America was great! The Democrats created the entitlement.  Nobody works hard these days. Nobody works as hard as we did. Everybody gets an education, everybody and anybody has the right to get married, everybody gets to have health insurance, everybody gets to come to our country, everybody gets to vote, and everybody gets to run for president. Everybody.”

He repeats himself:
“It’s the damn government’s fault and the liberals! We need to make America great again! Trump will make America great again for us. I’m voting for him!”

The Angry White Man is pouring his feeble heart into Trump’s campaign.
He pledged to carry a great White Man like himself back to the ‘White’ House built on the backs of black slaves.

Trump is that white man, the voice of relentless anger and the embodiment of their last hope.

The Angry White Man believes what Trump told him: “Believe me!” Sadly, the Angry White Man has not readied himself for the brutal disappointment lurking ahead.

There’s only one champion for Trump: Him for himself by himself.
Trump is one for himself which pretty much guarantees that he will be victorious once more even after the debacles of the three debates.

“Believe me!” Trump clamors to himself in front of a barking crowd of aging Angry White Men.

Trump will win by following his business strategy till the end. Till hope is crushed for others and restored for him.

In fact, Trump’s business strategy is already in place.
It’s always in place because it’s about him winning at all costs.
Costs that are rarely his to pay. This election is just another of Trump’s attempts to promote his personal brand. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Can you say Trump casino, Trump steak, Trump University, and Trump airline?
Can you say Trump GOP (puppets)?  Can you say Trump TV? It’s in the making already.

Trump will win because he will not hesitate to bail out, and in the process bankrupt the Grand Ol’ Party of the Angry White Man.

He will leave a trail of chaos and confusion behind like he’s done many times before.

Can you see the grin of self-admiration on Trump’s self-serving lips?
Can you see the Angry White Man’s trembling lips?
Can you believe Trump?
I do believe him. I’ve seen it before, and it’s not pretty. The Angry White Man, Trump’s worshipper, won’t believe it though.

He will never condemn Trump.

America will have to be great again with Trump TV, but without the Angry White Man, without his vote of approval, without his aging, confused, and crackling voice.

It will be hard to be great for everybody, by everybody, and with everybody from every walk of life, every cultural origin, every gender, every social status, every religion.

He won’t believe that America works for him. He will deny it until his last breath. He will remain angry.


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Michel Bordeau

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