White Knucklin’ it.

Straight stiff upper lippin’ it.

No tears allowed—stay proud no matter how loud the noise in your head becomes.

No money? It’s not funny.

Watching them peruse your sanctuary as if it’s for sale.

They redirect your mail.

You have to keep telling yourself this is not a #fail. Right?

We live … We learn.

We spin, we turn – in and out of the lanes in our minds— only to find that maybe what we thought was there isn’t.

And won’t be—until ultimately we let the truth be told.

Without a crutch to hold—and a lie to hide behind.

Who am I?

Without you and what you provide—who am I inside?

Masquerade—serving lemonade … Drinking it up until we fill our cups with something else because we’ve had it?

Sadness— underneath … Incomplete.

We should all just level the playing field—and be bold enough to fold.

Then … Truth be told—we’d see who’s who and what’s what—and the facade would disappear.

Finally, we could hear the true story of who you really are.

Who are we?

Photo Credit: meg@n!! via Compfight cc

Elizabeth Regen

Elizabeth Regen lives in Los Angeles but is a 3rd generation Manhattanite, hailing from NY, NY. Elizabeth is a mom of two girls, ages 13 and 4. She's been married for over 10 yrs. to her hard working husband. She is an actor and a writer and believes in finding creative ways to empower women and young people.

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