I Think My Obsession Made You Feel Bad About Your Body

I’ve written countless words that have made their way onto the internet in a multitude of public to quasi-private forums. I’ve blogged for long stretches in three separate places. I’ve nurtured the social media outlets. I engage in as many safe-enough spaces for me to represent the most authentic view of myself, my family, my […]

About Ashley Carroll

Ashley Carroll is currently on a stress-induced break. She is a mom of two, a wife, a government employee (bridging bureaucracy and the domestic violence field), food and fitness enthusiast & health advocate. She has a significant traumatic history as a younger person in the mental health system. She has spent almost a decade negotiating her unique journey through "recovery." Ashley is using this time to make peace with carbs (and her body). She is a huge fan of Brene Brown. She hopes to foster a connection with like-minded, truth-telling women. She has become obsessed with astrology, and the need to let go of perfectionism and the fear that's limited her previously. Ashley is embracing vulnerability by doing things that scare the shit out of her like writing a bio in the third person. Or writing at all. Ashley posts lots of pictures and words about day-to-day life #risingstrong (if you will). You can find her right now on Instagram @robust_ly

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