Blue, Blue, Blue

Tonight at the cafe
I just crashed into my age
Fractured my pride
Wounded my self-image

It doesn’t matter how old I feel
The fact is, I AM OLD, and
I was just rejected because
I am 69, and not 59

No matter that I don’t look 69
Or feel 69, or act 69
Facts are facts
Just give me the facts ma’am

I can’t help it
I allowed myself to get
Sucked into the idea of
Linear time.

Well, as Scarlett said
Tomorrow is another day.
Till then, pour me another glass
Humor me, honor me

Tomorrow I’ll rise again
Phoenix-like from the ashes
of my cremated pride
Bitterness swept away

Another day,
another unlikely male
In the interminable pipeline of the
online dating machine

Photo Credit: sagesolar via Compfight cc

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