Doll Face

How do you do,
Little doll you-
On this fine day,
Prancing around in those fancy shoes?

Why look at you!
You’re so damn cute-
spewing those big girl words,
like that’s the sort of stuff you do.

Now, sit up straight,
be sure to concentrate,
and remember that a little early
for a Doll
is still a little too late.

If Dolls were always quiet;
If Dolls knew not how to feel;
If Dolls never interrupted;
such worlds would feel ideal.

So put on your face-
Lipstick and paint.
Put on your smile-
politely reconcile with fate.

Of course, he loves you-
Tell yourself he does.
Redirect your attention
from those feminine feelings because

You’re a Doll and you’re quiet;
You’re a Doll and you don’t feel.
He doesn’t ask for much from you;
just to be ready with his meal.

Is it really that hard?
Aren’t you grateful for where you are?
Shouldn’t you feel thankful for his coming
home – finally there to fill you up with his stars?

Pretend you don’t care to know,
if you smell someone else on his clothes
fruity, pretty scents he bears,
while you smile sweetly to and fro.

It doesn’t concern you
whatever he distantly wants to do.
Little boys love their toys,
so what’s one without two?

So, how did you do
Little doll you-
On that fine day
now falling fast behind you?

Better now get some rest,
for tomorrow you’ll again be dressed
with disguises darkening distress like grace,
wearing your Doll Face fueling only the best.

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Kira Stevens

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