House Keys

That first day I didn’t like your voice and I wanted you replaced.
I didn’t like your jacket and I didn’t want you in the space.
You left before the rest- like you were the best …
And I scoffed and I rolled my eyes.
I could have picked any other guy.
You showed up again- and the day after that too-
And then suddenly I was becoming familiar to you – and you to me …
I was waiting to see
If there was more to it or was it just in my head- me laying next to you in bed …
But the heat seeping out of my pores when my body was touching yours made me want to taste your mouth and I did.
And I hid that I wanted more of you in me-
See- the situation was infatuation and I couldn’t get you out of my head-
I think I was on your mind too- because others were telling me – there’s more to this- “him & you.”
He’s watching you when you don’t know.
He’s following you everywhere you go.
I didn’t notice … I didn’t see …
There were things inside you that were parts of me.
I’d lost them I thought-
Somewhere in the nineties.
I thought I’d found them once
In a set of house keys …
But no.
I spoke. You laughed.
I smiled. You asked …
Things that I hadn’t heard in a long time. Things I gave away … Things that used to be mine.
I love you. And I miss you deep In my heart.
I do. I did. Really. Right from the start.

Photo Credit: josémaría via Compfight cc

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