FC Low Carb Challenge: Week 10 – Hollywood Eats Low Carb, You Can Too.

Low carb dieting might be new for some of us, but it’s definitely not new to Hollywood. Some of the biggest stars around have been enjoying a low carb lifestyle for years, just to keep their bodies in shape for their Hollywood professions. Starving yourself doesn’t work long term. To keep lean, healthy and looking amazing, Hollywood hotties have learned that they need to eat healthy. Low Carb, and paleo are all the rage!

People like Gwyneth Paltrow, Megan Fox, Robbie Williams, LeBron James, and Matthew McConaughey, just to name a few, have all jumped on the low carb lifestyle wagon. Megan Fox says that she was able to quickly lose all her extra weight after giving birth, simply because of her low carb lifestyle. Tim McGraw swears by eating low carb, stating the only way he stays in such great shape is by kicking out the sugar. Sharon Stone credits her model thin body to ten years of eating low carb. She also thinks it was the catalyst for healing from her brain aneurysm. Writer, Director and all-around cool guy, Kevin Smith recently lost 85 pounds by dropping the sugar. He says it’s not about eating less, it’s about eating correctly.

Although looking good is a great benefit of eating healthy, many Doctors are now saying that a low carb lifestyle prevents and even reverses Alzheimer’s and ADHD. Cardiologist are also stating that maintaining a low carb lifestyle has been proven to reverse type 2 diabetes and heart disease. But we knew that right? Many of our low carb members were once taking medication for diabetes, and now no longer have to. Look at Doug Varrieur, author of Fat to Skinny. At age 46, Doug lost more than 100 pounds, went from a size 48 to 32 waist and reversed his type 2 diabetes.

I have been telling everyone all summer about the amazing things a low carb lifestyle can do you for you, now it’s time for you to step up to the challenge. I often tell nay-sayers to give it 30 days. What’s 30 days to try a new way of eating? We go longer than that with a bad haircut.

Look over the guidelines below. We’ve been doing this throughout the summer, think about just trying it for 30 days. Maybe you’ve been following along? Maybe you’ve been thinking about joining us? Well, it’s time to step up and be the you, you were meant to be. Don’t wait for September, don’t wait until you’re heavier, or sick and have to change your eating habits…do it now. What do you have to lose?

Get healthy, get happy and get a whole new wardrobe in the process. (You’re going to need it)

  • Step One: I recommend you pick up a copy of the low carb plan we’re using. I can’t stress enough how much this book has changed my life. It’s called Fat to Skinny by author Doug Varrieur. It’s a quick read, but will make the new low carb lifestyle really come to life for you.
  • Step Two: Clean out your pantry. You will go through sugar withdrawals your first week or two. Much like a smoker trying to quit smoking, it’s easier when the sugary, bad foods aren’t around for you to eat. Throw it all out, give it to friends, or donate it to food banks … whatever you need to do to get it out of the house.
  • Step Three: Take a full body selfie, the tighter the clothes the better. This is for you, to show your progress. Month by month take a new photo and you can document your weight-loss. It’s a great way to look back and see all the progress you’ve made.

We may only have a few weeks left of the Feminine Collective Low Carb Summer Challenge, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to start. Healthy eating is for a lifetime. Take this opportunity to do something for you, you deserve it.

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SA Smith

SA Smith has always loved the magical life. She is the bestselling Amazon author of FOREVER, her four part young adult paranormal romance series. She is an advocate for women of all shapes and sizes. Believing that we are all enough just as we are, and needing to spread that word far and wide. Having been diagnosed with CRPS over 12 years ago, SA also uses her writing to increase social awareness of the disease. Writing is her passion. She often tells friends that writing is a journey for her. It’s like spending time with friends. "I just follow my characters along on their adventures, like a fly on the wall, and see where they take me." SA currently lives in Florida with her best friend/husband and their one son.

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