8 Ways to Find You in 2016

Want to change up your life in 2016?

It’s a whole new year with a world of possibilities ahead of you. Why not take the leap and change your life into something you’ve always wanted it to be? Don’t wait another year, month, week or day. You deserve the best of everything: love, happiness, family, career… the list goes on and on. What are you waiting for? Below are a few ideas to help you get on the road to becoming the person you were always meant to be.

Live life to the fullest, make 2016 your year of change.

1. Cut out all the toxic people in your life.

Easily the hardest but most important thing you can do to revitalize your life. Toxic people waste your time and steal your energy. If someone in your life is draining, never has a nice thing to say about anyone, and you find their negative energy changing yours, then it’s definitely time to cut the ties. This is your life, cut the toxic people out and rebuild it the way you want it to be. 2016 is your year. Cut out the toxic friends and watch it flourish.

2. Drop your phone and start living in the now.

I want to scream when I see all these people with their phones up, watching the world go by. Phones are important, I love my iPhone and depend on it. The problem happens when people don’t know when to put the technology away and start enjoying life. Do this little test. Do you find yourself at a social event and instead of enjoying it and the social interactions around you, you are watching it through your phone? Or worse, ignoring it completely and playing on your phone? If you said yes to either of these, you need to put the phone down and enjoy the now. Try this, for the next thirty days. Try putting it away at events, dinners, concerts and other social events. Take the time to really look at the world around you. Be in the present. Notice the people, the things happening around you. This is your life, be a part of it … not a spectator. You might find yourself surprised at how doing this for just thirty days will really change your outlook, and bring you a step closer to you, in your year of change.

3. Watch what you say.

Words have power. What you think and say comes to be in your world, whether you realize it or not. So the next time that little voice in your head starts spitting out negative thoughts towards you and others—MAKE IT STOP! Reset yourself by making a conscious effort to think positive and filter the negatives that you say out. It’s hard, I know. But you control all your thoughts and feelings. Start working on it today so you can use it as a positive tool for the new you in 2016.

4. Be grateful.

Every day take a moment to think about all the positive and wonderful things you have in your life. Then feel your gratitude for them. It’s like that old adage: “What if you woke up this morning with only the things you were grateful for yesterday.” Think about that. What would you wake up with? Most people would wake up with nothing, and you don’t want to be like most people. So take the time to be grateful for the blessings around you, things that we usually glance over but would surely miss if they weren’t there. Putting that out to the universe will bring positive back to you, it’s that simple.

5. Get out of your comfort zone.

2016 is your year! Grab a hold of it by getting out in the world and trying some new things. Do you want to find your authentic self in 2016? Then a great way to begin is to stop hiding and step out of your comfort zone. If you’re unsure where to begin ask a friend to suggest things to do, join meetup.com or other sites that promote outings. Go for a walk, ride a bike, hit a park. It doesn’t matter what it is, just do something. Shake it up, be adventurous. Remember – big change happens with little steps.

6. Stop eating processed foods.

If you are what you eat, then what would you be? I hope not a Taco Bell burrito or a McDonald’s Big Mac. Being busy, we sometimes find ourselves eating processed foods that are full of unhealthy chemicals. It’s time to end that cycle and start eating right. How you ask? By cutting out all processed foods in your diet; including white processed sugars and grains. Change it up in 2016 by eating only foods that will feed your mind, body and soul. Healthy foods, full of vitamins. I know it sounds boring, but the payoff is amazing! Start by hitting the bookstore and finding a food lifestyle you can follow. I won’t lie to you, the first week is tough, but after that you will feel amazing and be able to better embrace the new you.

7. Meet new people.

Whether looking for a new romantic interest or maybe new friends, getting out and meeting new people is critical for the new you. Take a class, shop in new stores that interest you, rent a car and road trip across the USA. However you want to do it, just do it. You need to meet new people and replace those old, funky, toxic ones you just removed from your inner bubble of friends.

8. Drop all those excuses.

Excuses are for losers and you are not a loser. You are amazing, talented, fascinating and much more. You don’t need excuses for anything on this list, you just need what you’ve always had …You. Go out in the world, meet people, make friends, try new things and drop all the excuses. You know the ones: I’m not smart enough, I’m not pretty enough, I’m not thin enough. The list goes on and on. Drop that list and never look back. Tell yourself what you like about you, step up and live the life you were meant to. Don’t let the old you stop the new you. You can do this!

 And most importantly always remind yourself:


Yours! So stop living it for someone else and reclaim it in 2016.

Photo Credit: danor shtruzman via Compfight cc

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