The New

There is no hurry to bring in the fury of what life will end or begin for you. The beginning will always feel so new, while the pain of ending anything needs the rejoicing of what life will bring to the new chapter – the new that let go of the old, the repetitive, stale, […]

About Margret Avery

Margret Avery expresses her talents through being a singer / songwriter / actor / writer and poet. She has also worked as a freelance makeup artist with her work gracing the pages of many editorial and commercial publications. The passion to express through song led to her writing and continues to grow with equal tenacity. Margret has contributed as a writer to Suite101, Women’s Voices for Change and now proudly for Feminine Collective. Margret’s writing is included in Feminine Collective: Raw and Unfiltered Vol 1 and that makes her smile on a daily basis. Her music can be heard on Spotify, Pandora, CDbaby, Soundcloud, Reverbnation and NumberoneMusic.

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8 Ways to Find You in 2016

Want to change up your life in 2016? It’s a whole new year with a world of possibilities ahead of you. Why not take the leap and change your life into something you’ve always wanted it to be? Don’t wait another year, month, week or day. You deserve the best of everything: love, happiness, family, […]

About SA Smith

SA Smith has always loved the magical life. She is the bestselling Amazon author of FOREVER, her four part young adult paranormal romance series. She is an advocate for women of all shapes and sizes. Believing that we are all enough just as we are, and needing to spread that word far and wide. Having been diagnosed with CRPS over 12 years ago, SA also uses her writing to increase social awareness of the disease. Writing is her passion. She often tells friends that writing is a journey for her. It’s like spending time with friends. "I just follow my characters along on their adventures, like a fly on the wall, and see where they take me." SA currently lives in Florida with her best friend/husband and their one son.

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25 Typed Pages: How One School and One Teacher Changed My Life

I was the first person in my family to graduate from college. It was a huge surprise for all of us. Not because I wasn’t smart or because I wasn’t advised to continue my education. Just because I’d been an actress in NY for many years and had made great strides in my career. I […]

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Don’t Sell Your House. Do Whatever it Takes But DO NOT Sell YOUR HOUSE!

I grew up in Manhattan. That is New York City. Not Brooklyn. Not the Bronx. Not Queens. Not any other borough. Just Manhattan. THE CITY. A small island. We lived in a two bedroom, one bath apartment on the 30th floor of a high rise in Tribeca. It faced the Hudson River and the Statue […]

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