Have you ever felt like your body was a commodity
Maybe they just want what they think they deserve,
Fuck everyone else had a piece of her first,
So why can’t I?

Why can’t you
Just treat me like a human
Or leave me alone
You just want me out of spite
Just for your own personal gain
You won’t even fucking kiss me
He reached and took me without even wanting me
Not you sit here and taunt me

And use my sexual expression as a fucking weapon
If things weren’t so complicated and intertwined
Maybe I wouldn’t mind
But I do
I just wanna call my body my own again
But instead, it’s a piece of property
Bought and sold
Renting to tenants
As many as can fit!
There aren’t any windows
A 6×8 uterine gurney
And I’m going fucking mad
I’m jumping off the fallopian balcony

It’s not even for enjoyment
It’s always to mask a feeling I can’t confront
Or to get over him
By getting under someone else


Photo Credit: Phototravelography Flickr via Compfight cc

Brianna Scott

I am an 18 year old naive libra girl who is really gullible and still believes in fairytales and love at first sight. I moved across the country to northern California to find a new adventure.

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