I See Her

I see her wavering on the cusp.
I see her reckless ways, I see the myriad of her facets,
She is a diamond with serrated seams
I see how she responds to the language of humanity, words coat her,
they drip sweetness into her soul
I see how you would think that you understand her, her ways. You don’t.

She is fire skating on ice
She is mountains crashing into the sea
She is an innocent, but oh so shrewd
Others can’t’ handle her so they treat her gift of being as ordinary. Just a drop in the ocean.
She is summer rain
She is your first kiss
She is where you find warmth

I see her acquiesce, shrinking herself into silence, on your behalf
She knows that you can not fathom her strength, as you vomit her vulnerabilities
I see her turn
I see her walk away
She just saved your masculinity, she just obstinately flicked you firmly into your place

Play with her, your name is fire eater
Think with her, if your name is infinity
Be with her, your options have ceased to be,
You have become her slave

Photo Credit: Magdalena Roeseler Flickr via Compfight cc

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