House of Dearth

A marionette tugging at her strings.
A brunette Barbie bursting from the seams.
Seams of micro mini dresses,
hanging from the closet of her Barbie Dream House.
A house that holds nothing,
but someone else’s visions.
She tries to hide,
under layers of lies and false portrayals.
But the more sets of selves you try to build,
the harder it is to know who you are anymore.
In an act of defiance, she mixes them up.
Pretends like it was one big joke.
The Dream House contains a multitude of girls.
An endless fun house full of girls.
But girls should never be contained;
they need to see their shadows,
let their demons run wild.
Fun house girls need to take off all their clothes,
splash gold paint on their stomachs,
and put glitter in their hair.
Infecting everyone.


Photo Credit: Elizabeth AEOOAK Dolls Flickr via Compfight cc


Rebecca Charlotte

Rebecca Charlotte is a recent graduate of Westfield State University, a small liberal arts school in New England, where she majored in English with a concentration in literature. Currently, she works at two libraries. By day, Rebecca is a nerdy librarian, by night she is a nerdy librarian who devours books and superhero shows. Her work has appeared in BUST, elephant journal, Her Campus, and will be included in the upcoming issue of Doll Hospital Journal.

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