How to Meditate: Dispel Myth and Start Meditating Today

Susan Miner, Counselor teaches how to meditate.

A common mythabout meditation is that we need to stop our thoughts. It may trip you up by making you think you are ‘doing it wrong’ and lead you to give up. Just yesterday a counseling client asked me, “Shouldn’t my mind be clear of thoughts when I meditate? Isn’t that what’s supposed to happen?” Our minds THINK. That’s what they do. Thoughts are normal. Our bodies breathe. That’s what they do. There are thought practices as well as breathing practices, but trying to get our minds to stop thinking is the same as trying to get our bodies to stop breathing. If we actually succeeded in our pursuit- you guessed it- we’d be dead. The belief that you should be able to clear your mind of all thoughts messes with your mind. Here’s the truth … To meditate, just sit quietly. Now if you are like me, you STILL want some guidance. So, here are simple guidelines to begin your meditation practice today.

Follow these 6 basic meditation steps:

  1. Put the timer on your phone for 10 minutes. (Use a soft alarm sound.)
  2. Sit up straight in a quiet place. Close your eyes.
  3. Take three deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Relax.
  4. Chose a peaceful word. Ex. Love. Gently repeat this word in your mind.
  5. Anytime you notice your thoughts drifting, simply return your attention to your peaceful word.
  6. When alarm goes off open your eyes, take a deep breath, stretch, and move on with your day taking your relaxation with you.

Know that by taking this time to relax and meditate you are doing your body, mind and soul GOOD.

Be well, Susan


Susan Miner

Susan Miner, M.A. went from posing and ‘giving face’ as a model to teaching and serving as a Psychology professor and counselor. Currently, as President and Founder of Beauty From the Inside Out, Susan is an Inspirational Leader and Mentor. As a keynote speaker, workshop presenter, author and counselor, Susan is committed to helping individuals with beauty from the inside out. Her unique approach combines energy healing and traditional psychological techniques that leave her clients feeling more relaxed and focused even after only a few minutes of work. She is known for her successful treatment for anxiety. Susan is blessed with her 6-year old daughter, Charlee Rose.

  1. Julie anderson

    Your advice is always easy to swallow. I love how you always come from a place of love and understanding. Thanks for this great how to for meditation, I always thought I was doing something wrong or mind chatter.

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