A Letter from Recovery

I savored each glossy page, mistaking the world contained within you for reality. As I looked at “who wore it better” and “baby bump or burger” you taught me my first lessons about my body. You showed me that life was a competition, and to win you needed a toned tummy.

About Elizabeth Harvey

Elizabeth Harvey attends McGill University in Montreal. She studies Microbiology and Immunology and hopes to become a doctor one day. In the meantime, she works on cultivating her passion for old movies, spending time with loved ones, and (of course) recovery.

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Women Be Vigilant About Your Self-Esteem

Recently I came across a study that was done on the emotional health of fashion models. The study found that 68% of fashion models say they suffer from anxiety and depression. (Unfortunately, I fell under this category.) Another 65% have been asked to lose weight by their agencies. Furthermore, 31% reported they have an eating disorder.  […]

About Susan Miner

Susan Miner, M.A. went from posing and ‘giving face’ as a model to teaching and serving as a Psychology professor and counselor. Currently, as President and Founder of Beauty From the Inside Out, Susan is an Inspirational Leader and Mentor. As a keynote speaker, workshop presenter, author and counselor, Susan is committed to helping individuals with beauty from the inside out. Her unique approach combines energy healing and traditional psychological techniques that leave her clients feeling more relaxed and focused even after only a few minutes of work. She is known for her successful treatment for anxiety. Susan is blessed with her 6-year old daughter, Charlee Rose.

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