Hypnotic Haze – The Last Confession of an Addict

Tripping by the moonlight, fatal mistakes
the feeling of flight over the night sky
as the drugs kick in a reality of delight
feels so right, hold tight
as the down brings the destruction of the high
a heavy head takes rest upon the floor –

Cold hardened earthen crash
dirt forms underneath unkempt,
burnt-yellow fingernails
crawling skin,
demons lie,
insides die.
Found on the Floor Dead
the newspaper article headline read.


Valerie Vaughn

Valerie Vaughn is a poet, writer, and author. A native of central Pennsylvania, she received her Bachelor's of Arts in History from Mary Baldwin College. She is a contributor to Poets Unlimited, Crossing Genres, and Extra Newsfeed at Medium. Her works appear in narratorINTERNATIONAL Anthologies Volumes 2 and 3, where she is an Editor's Pick Recipient.


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