What do you say when the love of your life walks away

Especially after you showed them the way, told them not to stay,

To be on their way, love tossed like a coin into the air

Calling heads or tails as love falls helplessly towards the ground

Its impact felt like a slam to the chest, deep regret

Now a shadow figure seen by the light of the moon

As I lie at night in tear-laden sheets, silent…

Afraid to make a peep for fear of being found alone

I atone for the mistakes I made as my mind replays

Night surrounds, holding me together

As threads of emotion unravel me apart.

Photo Credit: Female beauty, 23 million views Flickr via Compfight cc

Valerie Vaughn

Valerie Vaughn is a poet, writer, and author. A native of central Pennsylvania, she received her Bachelor's of Arts in History from Mary Baldwin College. She is a contributor to Poets Unlimited, Crossing Genres, and Extra Newsfeed at Medium. Her works appear in narratorINTERNATIONAL Anthologies Volumes 2 and 3, where she is an Editor's Pick Recipient.

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